mantIQ – Business Intelligence

mantIQ is a full-fledged business intelligence platform which can be integrated to existing data sources and help its users analyze data through powerful visualization tools, give meaning with integrated auto-analysis algorithms and take better decisions. mantIQ can connect to various data sources, digest them and then provides analysis, prediction and correlation results through its web-based…

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Semantic MDR

Semantic MDR EE is a web-based metadata management and data modelling tool to create and maintain common data models collaboratively either based on imported standard content models or from scratch. Through its spreadsheet based user-friendly interfaces, it hides the implementation specific details and allows the modelers to focus on the data models to be managed. Semantic MDR is a…

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BIVEE project aimed to develop a conceptual reference framework, a novel management method and a service-oriented ICT platform to enable Business Innovation in Virtual Factories and Enterprises. Considering my profession, it was a different experience to act as a facilitator between the technology providers and the end-users which were actual factories. I learned and practiced…

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