Semantic MDR

Semantic MDR EE is a web-based metadata management and data modelling tool to create and maintain common data models collaboratively either based on imported standard content models or from scratch. Through its spreadsheet based user-friendly interfaces, it hides the implementation specific details and allows the modelers to focus on the data models to be managed.

Semantic MDR is a full implementation of the ISO/IEC 11179 meta-model. There are two versions of the Semantic MDR. The Open Source Edition is maintained on GitHub while the Enterprise Edition is a commercial product. I designed the architecture of Semantic MDR as a side-product of my PhD thesis and together with my junior colleagues, implemented the backend with Java and the frontend with JavaScript using Backbone and Bootstrap. The backend was built on top of Apache Jena, utilizing Jena TDB as the triple store for the data. The full tech stack can be found on stackshare.


Semantic Metadata Registry/Repository

intelligent metadata management through latest semantic web technologies