mantIQ – Business Intelligence

mantIQ is a full-fledged business intelligence platform which can be integrated to existing data sources and help its users analyze data through powerful visualization tools, give meaning with integrated auto-analysis algorithms and take better decisions. mantIQ can connect to various data sources, digest them and then provides analysis, prediction and correlation results through its web-based graphical user interface with easy-to-understand visualizations. The platform is based on the concept of Key Performance Indicator. Domain administrators define the key performance indicators and mantIQ performs analyses and creates visualizations for each indicator.

A screenshot from mantIQ web interface showing a predictive analysis result for a key performance indicator about the energy savings within a province.

I feel like the father of mantIQ; I had the chance of leading a very talented team of software engineers and UX experts while developing mantIQ and I was involved in every step of the design, development and marketing activities. We developed the ETL engine of mantIQ with Java and all other backend modules with Scala.

The full tech stack can be found on stackshare.


mantIQ - The Business Intelligence Platform