TestBATN was the first research project of SRDC supported by TUBITAK. TestBATN is a framework of online automated conformance and interoperability testing services to test software products for compliance to any interoperability standard. TestBATN includes a test description language to develop test scenarios for the system under test. Test scenarios can be automatically executed by the system through a web-based test control and execution environment.

I designed and implemented the web-based test control and execution interface of TestBATN using Adobe Flex (Apache Flex) coding in ActionScript. Back then, it was exciting to learn this new technology to build rish internet applications based on Adobe Flash. I developed test scenerios to test the software products of nearly 200 software vendors in the health IT sector of Turkey to test their software interoperability with the services of National Health Information System of Turkey. Thanks to the TestBATN project, I completed my MSc studies with my contributions to the testing framework and testing real-world systems in health IT sector of Turkey.

The architecture diagram of TestBATN.


TestBATN - a self conformance testing service for interoperability standards