A. Anil Sinaci

I am a software engineer and computer scientist with 15+ years of development experience ranging from desktop, web and mobile applications to cutting-edge research projects. I am a principal solutions architect and senior researcher at SRDC Corp. I make hiring decisions, build and manage teams, lead engineering decisions, and deliver software: products and services for customers, and solutions for research projects. I work as a part-time instructor at METU-CENG.

I hold a PhD in computer science/engineering since 2014. I actively worked for many large-scale, international R&D projects at different stages such as creating ideas/innovation, compiling the project proposals, designing and implementing the solutions, and leading/managing scientific and technical teams. I authored many papers published in peer-reviewed journals and conferences.

I contribute to open-source software development, I became an Apache committer with the (retired) Apache Stanbol project. I maintain the source codes of the research projects that I lead on GitHub. I contribute to standardization activities. In the past, I worked as a member of the technical and planning committees of IHE QRPH. I am the leading editor of the ISO/IEC DEX standard.

My research areas

Data Management

Relational, graph and document databases. Indexing, query planning/optimization and query processing. Distributed data processing and sharding. ETL architectures and domain-specific data transformation. Semantic indexing and semantic search mechanisms on content management systems.


Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). Domain-specific interoperability solutions, interoperability standards, conformance and interoperability testing. Metadata registries, Common Data Elements, syntactic and semantic mappings. Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable (FAIR) principles.

Semantic Web & Linked Data

Named entity recognition, knowledge representation and entity linking. Semantic modeling, semantic interoperability and graph query processing. Semantic data management and triple-stores. Inference engines (reasoners) and recommendation systems.

Machine Learning

Descriptive and prescriptive statistics. Statistical inference, artificial neural networks. Federated machine learning. Distributed data mining. Privacy-preserving machine learning. Artificial intelligence in healthcare and clinical research.

Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Big data technology stack. Customized big data infrastructures. Distributed big data processing. Data cleaning, transformation and information/meaning extraction. Predictive and prescriptive analytic solutions with data visualization for informed decisions.

eHealth Infrastructures

Clinical decision support systems. Automated clinical guidelines. Health data interoperability. Secondary use of healthcare data, clinical research informatics & biomedical informatics. Practical applications of artificial intelligence in health.